Language policies from the semiperiphery

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Dionísio da Silva, G. . (2021). Language policies from the semiperiphery: an analysis of author guidelines in Brazilian English-medium journals. Ibérica, (41), 130–154.


The recent rise in the number of English-medium journals in non-Anglophone countries stems from the hegemony of English in global scholarly communication, and language requirements outlined by such journals to authors offer a valuable yet often overlooked source of information in terms of underlying values and assumptions concerning knowledge production and circulation. Drawing on the notion of “semiperiphery” to refer to Brazil’s current standing within global scientific publishing, this exploratory study focuses on author guidelines of Brazilian English-medium journals indexed in the SciELO database to map language requirements established for manuscript submission and to assess, from a discursive perspective, whether they reinforce or disprove dominant ideologies regarding academic publishing, knowledge construction and dissemination, and the status of English as the academic lingua franca. The research data included 98 journal guidelines sections from seven subject areas, and results suggest that journals across the disciplinary spectrum endorse the primacy of (native speaker) English in knowledge dissemination, which calls for a critique of scientific monolingualism on the part of research policymakers, in Brazil and elsewhere

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